Hockey Workout Tips

Hockey Workout

Hockey workout gives you a strong core. What is a strong core body? A guy with a toned body and six-pack abs, right. Well, to some sort it is, but hockey players look strong core a bit differently. They translate it like this- a player that is all set to shot with full strength or stride continuously without losing the puck battle.

Moreover, a hockey workout is essential for these players other than winning a battle. Players have to be in continuous motions during the game. It may cause back pain, stiffness in the spine and to some cases, damage to the spine. More shots mean more rotation, which increases the chances of injuries. Hence, proper core training is useful to improve body strength for extended posture during the game.

Hockey Workout Tips
Hockey Workout Tips

Hockey Workout Exercises

This workout has two main functions. First, to make the limbs stronger. Second, to build up a strong midsection. It is difficult for a player to express his strength of the upper and lower body without a powerful core. A player cannot shoot harder if he does not transfer full force between these two parts of the body. Hence, a hockey workout is essential.

Several exercises included in it are isometric. It means the core muscles will be still whereas other body movements occur. These are similar to dynamic activities that improve core stiffness.

Hockey Workout Tips
Hockey Workout Tips

Try out some of these core exercises into your hockey workout.

Pallof Press

 It is one of the essential exercises. No matter at what level you are, don’t forget to include it in your workout. Only focus on the abs and don’t move your arms while doing it. Moreover, you can also add variation to it. Change your position. Try lateral lunge, split squat, or kneeling.


To perform dead bug, you will need a bodyweight or swiss balls or bands. Lay flat on the ground and hold the weight on either of your legs. Don’t overdo. It is helpful for players to shoot a big hit quickly.


Plank is a classic exercise, and every workout should have it. It challenges your entire body as a core unit. Make a posture like a wood plank. Keep your hips in a balanced position. Stay in this position for a few minutes. However, take small intervals in between. Glutes and abs are areas to focus on. Keep them tight as much you can. Avoid longer sets.

Activated Bird Dog                                                        

Bird Dog teaches you how to keep your hips stable. How to do it? Put a bottle of water on the back. Make sure that your hips are stable and extend the arms. At first, it seems easy, but even the basic version is challenging. Raise your knees to add variations into it.  Try bear crawl positions to make it more challenging and effective.

Cross Body Carry

It is a phenomenal exercise to stabilize your core. Start with a rigid posture, hold a lightweight on the head. To your side, carry heavyweight and begin walking. You can even change the distance and weight you take on the head. You have to move slowly without losing your control.

So, these were the six exercises for hockey workout.

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