Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises -

Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises

Hockey Weight Lifting

Hockey weight lifting programs ensure better performance and health of the players. Since it is a physical game, thus hockey athletes should have power and strength to sustain in the game for longer. High strength ensures better performance. It is because they can maximize their potential. Therefore, every hockey team undergoes a weight lifting program.

They are periodic programs that are it includes several phases. Every phase has different objectives which benefit the athletes to achieve better fitness.

Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises
Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises

Hockey Weight Lifting Program Guide

A training program for athletes is a one-year program. Read below to understand how it looks.

An Early And Late Pre-Season

An early pre-season begins after the offseason, or we can say before the season. Here, players build up their strength. They do Aerobic, muscle building, and other basics of functional strength training. It is known as hypertrophy.

The late pre-season includes intense training where players build up maximum power and strength through anaerobic workouts. Here they train themselves for next season Hence, it is also known as pre-season trials.

In And Offseason

During the season players should be fully prepared for competition. So, they focus on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Speed is crucial here.

After the end of the season, players get time to relax. However, they still stay active. Light activities and gym work ensure that they recover well. Then, they work again on the pre-season training with more regular workouts for next season.

Hockey Weight Lifting Role

A role-specific program is to benefit players having specific roles. Defense and stay at home players require similar training. Additional programs are for goaltenders who need to have better flexibility and reflexes.

A single-leg strength workout distinguishes hockey athletes from others. Therefore, it includes exercises that focus on leg muscles in a hockey weight lifting program.

Prepare a plan by keeping a few things in mind. It includes access to resources, a player role in a team, philosophy of coach, and of course, current fitness level of players. Beginners should always focus on the basics of weight training programs. Moreover, players should always warm-up before the session. It relaxes the body muscles, which ease them to perform workouts better.

Hockey Weight Lifting Areas To Focus

Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises
Hockey Weight Lifting Exercises

Legs And Hips

The lower body of a player should be strong. So, they should work on their hips and legs. Do exercises that focus on calves, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and inner thighs.

Upper Body

Exercises for shoulders, chest, and upper back will build up a strong upper body. It generates shot power in the upper portion of the body.


Strong grips ensure shot accuracy and better control over stick. So, perform exercises that train your hands and forearms muscles.


The midsection should be strong as it stabilizes the spine of a player during athletic movements. An unbalanced spine leads to injury. One or two exercises is enough to work on your midsection.


Strong neck and head muscles also reduce potential injuries during the game.

So, these were the key areas to focus on your hockey weight lifting training. Stay safe and improve your game.  

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