Hockey Rules You Must Know

Hockey is a popular sport, and people across the world show immense love along with a passion for supporting this sport. It is essential to understand the basic rules of the game. Hockey is a simple game. The rules do not seem to be too complicated to understand. So, in the following section, you can find an essential guide to hockey. Understanding these following hockey rules is vital for playing the game like an expert.

Hockey Rules You Must Know
Hockey Rules You Must Know

Hockey RulesPlayers And Playing Positions

In the Olympic Games, every participating hockey team consists of 11 players. The same rule applies to both men and women hockey. Now, each player has a unique role to play on the field, as instructed by the coach. You can find details about the different playing positions below.

  • Goaltender: Also known as the goalkeeper, the role of a goaltender is simple. You have to defend your goal, and you need to stop entering the ball inside the goalposts. Goaltenders can use their hand and other parts of the body to prevent a ball from entering into the goalpost.
  • Defender: The role of defenders is also to defend the ball. Attackers of the opponents have to beat defenders and then goalkeeper to score a goal. There should be at least two defenders. Usually, coaches keep four defenders.
  • Center: At the center position, you shall find a few players are kept. Depending upon the coach’s strategy, the number of players in center position varies. Players at the center position supply balls to strikers or attackers so that they can score goals against the opponent.
  • Attackers: Players at the attacking positions will try to score goals against opponents. Scoring goals is the ultimate way of winning a hockey match. Hence, attackers play an essential role in the field.

Hockey Rules – Officials On The Ground

In order to regulate the game and to make the game fair, you shall find the presence of different officials on the playing ground.

  • Referee: Like football, you shall find a referee in a hockey match. He shall control the game and call for fouls, penalties, etc.
  • Linesman: In hockey match, there will be two linesmen. They cannot call a penalty, but they can consult with the referee on a penalty decision.
  • Official Scorer: There is a person in every hockey game who manages the score. Every time a goal is scored, the scoring team gets the point.
Hockey Rules You Must Know
Hockey Rules You Must Know

Three Basic Things About Hockey

To play hockey, you need to learn three basic things. You can find these things below.

  • Offside: When the opponent team’s player goes beyond the puck over the opponent team’s blue line, offside is called by the referee.
  • Fouls: Illegitimate tackle, which involves pushing or hitting the opponents, is known as a foul. The referee will judge a foul, and his call will be the final call.
  • Penalties: In a hockey match, various kinds of penalties happen. Mistakes or fouls of the opponents bring penalties for your team. Penalties give special advantage to a team so that it can score a goal easily.

These are some of the basic things that you ought to know about hockey. It is an exciting as well as engaging game.

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