Hockey Goal Scoring -

Hockey Goal Scoring

Ice hockey has a lot of differences when compared with the orthodox hockey. In the USA, ice hockey has an enormous fan base. To make the games more exciting, some exciting rules are introduced. Rules are essential for a fair game too. Every team has to follow the rules carefully. The teams need to build strategies as per the rules and regulations. In this article, we shall discuss the rules regarding scoring a hockey goal.

Hockey Goal Scoring
Hockey Goal Scoring

Scoring A Hockey Goal

Scoring a goal is the last thing in hockey, as the number of goals will separate the two playing teams at the end of the match. The team, which will score a higher number of goals, is the winner of the game. To score a goal, different players use different strategies. Good passing is the crucial thing. Strikers should know how to strike the puck when there is an opportunity to score a goal. Players need to hit the puck with their hockey sticks.

Scoring Hockey Goals Through Kicking

Can a player score goal in hockey by kicking the puck? Anywhere on the ice surface, players can kick the puck as they want. To pass the puck to the teammates, players use the skates for hitting the puck. However, kicking the puck into the net to score a goal is not allowed. This is a standard rule in the National Hockey League. In the Olympic Games, the same rule applies for the ice hockey matches.

Differences Between “Distinct Kicking” And Unintentional Kicking

At this point, you need to learn the difference between “distinct kicking” and “unintentional kicking”. If the puck id deflected from the player’s foot, the referee would count that as a goal. When there is a prominent and intentional kicking, the referee will not give a goal. Not just referee, linesmen also monitor this on the hockey field. There are two linesmen in ice hockey. They carefully observe the game and help the referee to make accurate decisions. When the referee is confused about making a decision, he goes to the linesmen for suggestions.

When hockey goal happens with intentional kicking, referee and linesmen observe things. If they feel that player has intentionally kicked the puck, they will reject the goal. So, in short, you cannot score a goal by kicking the puck on the hockey field. However, if the puck is deflected from your foot, the referee will count that as a goal.

Instances Of Scoring Self Hockey Goal

According to the rulebook of ice hockey, a player cannot kick or throw the ball into the opponent’s net to score a goal. However, unintentional deflections can lead to a goal. It also enhances the chance of scoring a self-goal. When the puck deflects from the boot of the defender and goes into the goal, the referee will declare it a goal. The defender has scored the goal, though the opponent team will get the point as the puck has entered the defending team’s net.

Hockey Goal Scoring
Hockey Goal Scoring

Hockey rules are simple, and guidebook mentions all these rules. In every professional hockey matches, the referee has to follow the instructions of the rulebook.

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