Do You Know About Hockey Stretches?

Hockey stretches

Nowadays improvements in agility and speed could develop a big difference on the hockey field. Whether you are the goalkeeper or field player, you need to agility and speed. The interest of hockey has rapidly increased over the previous some years. If you have no agility and speed, then you should try the various stretches which helps you to develop your speed and agility. There are several stretches of methods available. Once you have learned so you can easily manage your playing skills. You can learn these stretches from professional players or others. The hockey stretches build your strength, skills, agility, speed, etc. below, we discuss some hockey stretches.

Do You Know About Hockey stretches?
Do You Know About Hockey stretches?

Top Hockey Stretches

Groin Stretches

Stand slightly more comprehensive with your feet. Bend your knees. put your body weight on the right leg. Sit down and by your left hand across the body to touch the right foot. Put your right hand on the ceiling. Parallelly Move your back to the ground. Move your body weight to the leg. These steps repeat ten times.

Hamstring Stretches

Put your back and curve one knee towards the ground. Move the back towards the thigh and hold knee straight as more as you can up your foot towards the ground. Take the stretch for a second, then curve the knee and straight again. These steps repeat twenty times.

 Quad Stretches

Move your back to the rink boards or wall. Down your right knee with your right foot flat in front of the wall. Your left knee must be curved against you at an angle of 90 degrees for support. Put your hand on the left knee for equal level and back slightly to stretch Muscle. Continue this stretch for 10 seconds. Hold legs and do stretches.

Hip Flexor Stretches

stand on your flat feet. Back step with the right foot. The right knee can be over on the right foot toes. Hold the left leg and back tightly straight. Move your arms parallel on you and fix together with your palms. Move your torso to the hips stationary. Repeat these steps for a second.

Glute Stretches

Sit on the floor and bend one leg slightly. Move your chest on the knee and place your chin on it. Hold it for ten seconds. These steps repeat for three times.

Hip Stretch

Lay down back with curve knees and put flat feet on the ground. Down you right knee on the floor and place your left ankle on it move the knee on the ground. stay your hips on the ground. These steps repeated for ten seconds.

Do You Know About Hockey stretches?
Do You Know About Hockey stretches?

Importance Of Agility And Speed

The power is the maximum effort which can you develop in a short time. If you need to build your potential, but you choose the exercise with fewer efforts or power, then you never develop your ability. The benefit of power is it complete as quickly as possible. It is an excellent mixture of speed and strength. There are many types of power training, such as Olympic lifts, medicine ball training, and plyometrics.

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