Air Hockey Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Improve -

Air Hockey Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Improve

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There are many different hockey tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance on the ice, and there are also many good players who make use of these tricks. It will be important for you to learn these tricks so that you can become a better player and have a much better chance at winning.

Hockey Tips And Tricks

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Keep Your Elbows Up

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One of the most commonly used air hockey tips is that you need to keep your elbows up while playing the game. Many players tend to pull their elbows down and away from the center of the stick when they are trying to play the game. You should keep your elbows up and away from the center of the stick. This can help you make the game much easier for yourself because if you pull your elbows down and away from the center of the stick you will be taking away some of your power with each shot that you make. The more power that you have on each shot that you make the better off that you will be.

Keep Your Shoulder Square

Another air hockey tip that many professional players have used is to keep their shoulders square. If you are consistently playing against other players who are playing well, you will probably find that they are always trying to hit you with their sticks and get through your legs. If you keep your shoulders square you will have a much easier time of defending yourself, especially if you don’t have a lot of power in your upper body. If you keep your shoulders square then you will be able to move and maneuver with much more ease and precision.

Use The Puck WIth A Stick

One of the most common air hockey tips that many people do not know is that you should use the puck with a stick. It is very difficult for a player who does not have power in his upper body to be able to use a stick effectively. Many people try to use their sticks too much and it actually takes them out of position. If you want to learn how to become a better player then you will need to learn how to use your stick properly. When you use your stick correctly then you will be able to create power with the shot that you shoot as well as being able to shoot harder shots.

Control Your Hockey Stick Properly

Important air hockey tips is that you should keep your stick as level as you are going to shoot the puck. The best way to do this is to use your stick as hard as you can. You can do this by using both your wrist and hand and trying to make the shot go farther.

One of the most important air hockey tips that you will want to use is that you should always try to keep your stick straight when you are skating and not trying to spin in order to shoot the puck. Many players will try to make the shot seem like a much better shot when they are spinning. When they spin the shot will look like it goes farther because they are trying to get the puck to go in the goal instead of letting it hit the middle of the ice.


If you can learn to play this way then you will be a great player. You will not only be a great player on the ice but you will also be a great player when it comes to taking care of your own stick. You will not be afraid to use your stick when you need to make the shot go further and when you are skating because it will be much easier to do so. If you learn these types of hockey tips then you will become a much better player in no time at all.

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